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Community Corner: May

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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A look at top 5’s to celebrate the finale of the fifth month. An ode to May.

What’s new

Have you seen the new Helpdesk redesign? We’ve reduced the # of clicks needed to access product content. Check it out here.

We’ve launched a new polling system on the homepage in the bottom right corner (below the new beta groups section). With a quick click, cast your response and you’ll see how others have voted.


May’s most active members are @ryder , @Kev@Jon of All Trades@MarkH1, and @David Carroll1. Thank you for your posts, ideas, and kudos to keep the community useful for all involved.


Registration for the 2019 Customer Summit in San Francisco is now open. Be sure to register early as space is limited. There is no registration fee this year so take advantage of the content and the peer connections. Learn more here.

Win a trip to the 2020 Summit! The top 3 contributors of (relevant) posts, kudos, ideas, and accepted solutions (worth double) in 2019 win a trip to the 2020 Customer Summit with travel and lodging paid by Egnyte. We are 5 months into the year and here are the current top 5’s vying for the prize.

The top 5:

  1. @Kim Isaksen1
  2. @Andrea Forbes
  3. @DimaB
  4. @Peter_the_Gr8
  5. @JeffIrvine

2nd set of 5 not far behind include:

  1. David Laulainen
  2. CenturyGroup
  3. Kev
  4. Chip Shaw 
  5. ryder

In the 3rd set of 5:

  1. Marc Kravitz
  2. michaelbeijer
  3. Youssef
  4. Jon of All Trades
  5. Simon Mason

Top Ideas in the past 5 months

We continue to review and assess all Idea board submissions. Your feedback really helps shape our product and in looking at the past 5 months, here are the ideas most commented on and kudoed that our products team is assessing as they work through the technical implications of each:

  1. Considering: Adding a shortcuts alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder
  2. Considering: Changing the name Power Users to INTERNAL Users and Standard Users to EXTERNAL Users
  3. Considering: Adding more granular search capabilities
  4. Accepted: Preview-only link for audio and video files - there is a beta for the video transcoding portion of this; if interested in being a part of the beta, please let us know
  5. Accepted: Adding Metadata to Files

Monthly drawing for community participation

From our monthly drawing, a big congratulations goes to @Robert Mesec. The more you contribute, the more submissions you get into this prize drawing so please keep up your contributions.

Thank you members for all that you do! Happy collaborating.

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