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Congratulations to our 2018 Top Community Superheroes

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Retired Employee
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Happy 2019!

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping us create a vibrant community of Egnyte users, whether online in the Egnyte Community or in-person at the Customer Summit.

There’s strength in numbers and 2018 proved to be helpful with thousands of questions answered, hundreds of product ideas generated, and hundreds of kudos shared. Give yourselves a round of applause for that; an impressive feat for our inaugural year that we accomplished together.

Looking back at 2018, there were some community heroes that went above and beyond to keep information, questions, and ideas flowing for all members. These are our community superheroes.

The 2018 superheroes are those who tallied the most points within the following criteria: posts (1 point), ideas (1 point), kudos given (1 point), and the most accepted solutions (2 points). As a big thank you for your support and participation, those listed below will receive a private message so I can collect details as to where to send a congratulatory swag bag. Additionally, the top 3 contributors (CenturyGroup, ITPro, and Dave Nish) are invited to attend the next Customer Summit at a location nearest them for free! Congratulations.

And the 2018 superheroes are:

  1. @CenturyGroup
  2. @ITPro 
  3. @Dave Nish
  4. @Patrick OLeary1 
  5. @Peter_the_Gr8 
  6. @Andy Hipple1 
  7. @Anonymous 
  8. @Carmello 
  9. @Marc Kravitz 
  10. @Andrew Camphous1

Congratulations to our top 10 superheroes of 2018! We really appreciate your contributions and look forward to seeing how many answers we can all solve and best practices we can all share together in 2019.

For those not yet on this list, start posting and kudoing today to get a head start on winning a free trip to the following Customer Summit. You can also sign up for updates to the 2019 Customer Summit here. You won’t want to miss it!

There will also be monthly prize drawings in the community for participants; you’ll be entered into the drawing for each valuable community contribution you make in the same categories described above (kudos, posts, ideas, and accepted solutions (worth 2 drawing submissions)).

Why not get a head start on your posts by congratulating our top 10 contributors here and read how our top contributor, CenturyGroup, uses the community at their company.

Happy posting.



If I would have know about this earlier, I might have put my suggestions here sooner.... No worries. One suggestion would be to have your Egnyte Account Managers inform us "users" of funtastic prizes being given away, I had no idea. I even spoke to my account mgr earlier this week, (oops, be nice to her... she was really helpful and I like the functionality of Egnyte!) I am now connected and 2019 is just now getting started. I'll inform my staff too _ peace  `;o)


I'm coming for the top in 2019!!! :)

Congratulations to the top 10! 


Congrats to @David Laulainen for being in the Top 10. Between the two of us (plus others in our company), Century Group got super active on Egnyte Community in 2018. To more tagging, posting, kudo-ing, problem-solving, and idea-proposing in 2019! 🥂

The shirt is great! Funny story about how helpful it has already been. I had to walk a mile and a half from my train station to the office because the trains were a madhouse given the 1.5 million people in the city for a little championship parade. I tend to sweat more than most people (TMI?) and with a t-shirt, a long-sleeve light sweatshirt, a #37 Rodney Harrison Patriots jersey from 2005, and a jacket on, the crazy 50+ degree weather left me a bit slick as I arrived in my office. Lo and behold, my Egnyte Community shirt had arrived the day before. Plus, it was in glorious red, the color of the old Pat Patriot home uniforms from the 70's & 80's! It fit really well and I wore it all day. I did have to cover it with my jersey when I went out to the Super Bowl parade of my beloved New England Patriots. Before all you haters come out, I've been a fan of this team since the 1970's and suffered seasons of 1-15 and 2-14 twice! No fairweather fan here. There's a cooler bag, too. I haven't really looked at it. Summer is the offseason. Thanks, Egnyte!