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Ensure Continuity From Anywhere With These 4 Features

Community Manager
Community Manager
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One of the biggest challenges that Egnyte seeks to address through its solutions is ensuring productivity regardless of location. Gone are the days when it was deemed absolutely necessary for employees to try to trek into the office during severe weather events. Gone are the days when work halted the moment you were between internet connections. And hopefully, we’re moving past the days when employees feel they need to come into the office coughing, sneezing and wheezing.

Having the right tools available to telecommute is a key part of any business continuity and employee safety plan, and it is our hope that our customers utilize Egnyte as a part of those plans. 

With that in mind, here are four of our top tips for using Egnyte to remain productive in the face of disruptions, no matter what and where they occur: 

Think Outside the Office: Is the office shut down? Is that cough keeping you couch-bound? Egnyte Desktop gives you the ability to access your files and collaborate with your colleagues regardless of your location and without the hassle of a VPN. Check out the Egnyte Desktop App overview here.

Stay Productive Even Without a Computer: Missing your computer doesn’t mean missing your deadlines, as long as you’ve got a mobile device on hand. There are no Apple vs. Android arguments here, either: Egnyte mobile doesn’t discriminate. Find out more about installing the mobile app here.

Don’t Sweat the Internet Connection: It might seem like the internet is 100% ubiquitous, but in times of inclement weather or travel, connection isn’t guaranteed. That’s where a hybrid solution can be a lifesaver, allowing you to work offline and then syncing your files as soon as you’re back online. Check out our Storage Sync and Turbo overviews to learn more.

Save Your File Space: We’ve all survived meetings that could have (and should have) been a simple email. If circumstances mean you’re not face-to-face with your colleagues, clients and contractors, a meeting might not be an option, but email is. Using Egnyte links to share large files via email (rather than as an attachment) is a sharing solution that’s more secure and takes up way less server space. Need a refresher on sharing options? Check it out here.

Looking for more information? Check out Egnyte’s recent blog about business continuity, and be sure to check back often here at the community for the latest product updates, tips and more.