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Four actions to take today to ensure secure link sharing practices

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Retired Employee
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Today is a great opportunity to revisit your company’s link sharing practices given recent headlines. Here are 4 key actions you can take today to ensure your company has strong security practices while collaborating.

  1. Check default settings - Ensure your default link sharing option is set to only provide access to people within your domain, which includes your Admins, Power Users, and Standard Users. The Admin can set this as a standard setting for everyone in your domain.
  2. Encrypt links - Encrypt public links (links to people outside of your organization) with passwords. For additional security, set your links to expire after a specified date or number of clicks, after which they will no longer be accessible. Set links to view only to prevent downloading of the file for certain audiences.
  3. Pull reports - Perform link audit (if you have those account capabilities) and permissions audits.
  4. Receive alerts about unusual behavior - Use Egnyte Protect to perform an audit of sensitive or potentially sensitive files that may be exposed publicly. Check alerts to proactively prevent exposure.

To find more information on the above topics and to learn how to perform each action, review the help article here or share your questions in the community.

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