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Happy 1st Birthday, Egnyte Community!

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Join me in celebrating the Egnyte Community’s 1st Birthday. Be sure to login to receive your Birthday badge and let us know your favorite moment, tip learned, or question answered in the community this year.

With one year in the books, it’s natural to think about how it all came to fruition. It might sound cliche, but the inspiration for the community actually came from you… our customers. At every event, you let us know you really wanted more opportunities to connect with your peers. Our founders listened and knew that a community would be a great resource for this. I’m thankful you have all embraced the community, are sharing ideas, and are connecting with your peers. Thank you for the inspiration for this resource and for making it valuable for all who visit.

We launched the Egnyte Community on Jan 31, 2017. If we had a prize for who was the most excited, I think it would go to our CEO, Vineet Jain who had pushed to get this space available for customers.

When you launch a community, you never know if you’ll have a ghost town or if you build it, they’ll actually come. So we launched, waited with bated breath, and obsessively refreshed the browser to see if people were signing in. Fortunately, many people came and asked questions, made comments, shared ideas, and helped others with answers.

It’s always exciting to see people connecting. I wish I could give a shoutout to all the great moments, but here are some memorable moments for me and I encourage you to share your favorite moments and some shoutouts to your most helpful members in this post.


Example 1: Community at its best @Andy Hipple1 posted a thorough explanation of what he was trying to do at his company and @David Carroll1 jumped in, tested what Andy had provided and shared his own results. @Andy Camphous1 also joined the conversation to share his insight and the three were able to work through ideas for the best solution. That’s the essence of community at its best!

Example 2: Sharing best practices When a construction member asked for examples of how others were using Egnyte for their BIM journey, @Brad Buckles1 provided a great explanation on how they use it at his company which helped the member better understand the workflows to set it up in his organization.

Example 3: Answering questions When a member asked about file permissions, @bazza responded with the answer and even asked additional questions to assist further.

Example 4: Welcoming and mentoring new users Admins have significant responsibility when setting up Egnyte for their company. A special shoutout to @T_J_N  and @Peter_the_Gr8 who welcomed a new member to the community, showed empathy for their workload, and gladly shared a helping hand to guide the new member.

Example 5: Finding support When a member had a specific question on how to use the product, @KFA and @kevin_o stepped in to help their fellow member understand capabilities and even provided step by step instructions.

Example 6: Impacting the product An idea submitted on Jun 25, 2018 received 17 votes and is now being considered for our roadmap.

Example 7: Learning Our spring State of Egnyte Q&A post received 13,700 views and 86 customer questions!

I’d also like to recognize some of our most active members who have really helped shape the community. Check out our top 10 list here and see how our top contributor in 2018, Joy_Rowe, uses the community to create a “train-seek answers-respond-train cycle” workflow for her team to get the most out of Egnyte.

Let’s keep the helpful conversations flowing. What was your favorite moment in the community this year?

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I just want to thank you for using the proper spelling of bated breath. I know that I thought it was "baited" for years. As an English major, I love words. There are so many examples of phrases or words that we hear but never see written down. My freshman year in college (round 1 in 1986) I wrote "for all intensive purposes" in a paper. My professor corrected me with "intents and purposes". I have never forgotten that lesson. I wait, with bated breath, for the next post from Julie.