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Idea Statuses Explained

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Idea statuses explained

The Ideas board is our community’s most visited area with ideas contributing to about 25%+ of our feature enhancements. With the launch of our new Egnyte Community in January 2018, we introduced the ideas pipeline with the use of statuses. Each idea undergoes an assessment process that plays into the idea’s status that includes, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Votes - PM’s must ensure the idea will impact a large amount of other customers.
  • Technical feasibility - While most ideas are technically possible, the feasibility is weighed against impact (votes) and complexity. Priority is given to those ideas with highest impact to the largest amount of customers. Technical feasibility is also influenced by how the product is currently structured. Some ideas fit better into this structure than others. If an idea requires a complete restructure, it will take longer to implement and could jeopardize other functionality. This is all taken into consideration from a technical lens.
  • Time - Time is a function of technical feasibility and is a consideration in order to weigh the impact to other members with the complexity of the idea. While many complex ideas are accepted into our roadmap, we will often publicize an estimated time of delivery due to the many factors that play into the enhancement.
  • Strategy - Each product has a current roadmap and vision for how it will solve user’s needs. We take into account how each new feature fits into the overall product strategy and whether or not it can be a complementary add-on to another feature in the roadmap.
  • User experience - Some features may be easy to implement, but might detract from the overall ease of user experience, making the product harder to use.
  • Security - We look into how the feature might impact the product’s security posture.
  • Cost - Some features would not be financially feasible for us to offer without changing pricing.
  • Team input - The PM often discusses the new ideas with internal Egnyte teams to address benefits, challenges, and all the above criteria of the idea.

Here’s what each status means and a bit about our process:

  • New - These ideas have just arrived! They will be labeled by our community team which alerts the appropriate product manager to review the idea. The product manager (PM) is then responsible for deciding on the next course of action for the idea based on, bu
  • Needs Info - The PM either requires more information from the idea requestor or the idea is dependant on a third party, such as a feature that first requires development from another company.
  • Considering - This is the most common designation following the “New” status as the PM further assesses the criteria listed in the “New” section. Ideas being considered are undergoing a deeper assessment; it has not been determined if it will be accepted or declined for our roadmap.
  • Accepted - This idea is now on our product roadmap and will be launched in the future. Due to the many changing factors, we often cannot publicize an exact timeline to the idea.
  • Declined - Unfortunately, this idea is not currently being considered for our product roadmap. While this means there are no plans for the near future, we always review the declined ideas periodically to assess their potential over time. Declined ideas can still collect votes, which help drive reconsideration. Ideas that are “Declined” does not mean the idea is not a great one, it just means it does not fit into our current plans.
  • Delivered - This idea has been launched and has been or is currently available in the product.

We love receiving feedback on what you want in the product or on how you want the product to function. While we aren’t able to implement every single idea that comes our way, we do our best to release those that will be most impactful to the widest audience. These take time to develop so please be patient as we work hard to keep formulating the product to fit your needs.

Thank you for all the ideas to date and please keep them coming!

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