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Training teams: How our top community contributor uses the community for training her users

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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We asked our top contributing community member from Century Group how the team gained value from the Egnyte Community that contributed to the stellar ideas, posts, and kudos they shared in 2018. We hope it will add inspiration to how others can get the most out of the product and also the Community. There's so much knowledge to share with your peers and we thank the Century Group team and all other community members for their contributions in 2018. Here is their story:


I’m trained as an archivist, librarian & records manager (hence all my Egnyte Community tagging & metadata questions), and my goal in my company is for all employees to be able to use Egnyte to manage documents according to best practices in the field. This means using naming conventions for file names, filing documents properly, and using Egnyte features to their fullest capacity.

I trained 200 people in 2018 on best practices for document management & Egnyte, and in each session people had great questions. “Can Egnyte do X? Wouldn’t it be great if Egnyte could do Y?”

After each session, I came to the Egnyte Community and searched for answers. If someone had already asked the question, I added my vote for a new feature based on this feedback and then followed up with the trainees in my company. If no one had posted a similar question on the forum, I posted a suggestion for a new feature or asked the community for workarounds. This kept my trainings fluid & responsive to our employees’ true workplace needs.

From this train-seek answers-respond-train cycle, I developed a “10 Essential Egnyte Skills” visual diagram that I train all new employees on. It lays out the core 10 skills that each employee needs to know to use Egnyte and gives everyone a uniform knowledge base to work from.

Making a routine practice of going to the Egnyte Community whenever a trainee brought up a question also helped underscore that Egnyte is constantly adding things & responding to feedback, which helped with resistant adopters.

Thanks for your work, Egnyte Community.

Century Group, Vancouver Canada


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@CenturyGroup Great article. Any chance you could share the “10 Essential Egnyte Skills” visual diagram discussed above? Sounds great!


Here's the "10 Essential Egnyte Skills" info:


Egnyte set up: Confirm that you can do these things first.
  • Can you open Egnyte in Chrome?
  • Do you have a bookmark in Chrome for Egnyte?
  • Can you open a file from Chrome, edit the file, and close it?
We train on 4 skills relating to FINDING information:
1. Know search tips
  • What are the 4 filters?
  • What do “quotes” do?
  • When should you use AND OR NOT?
  • When can you use a wildcard?
2. Find your frequently used files
3. Create a bookmark
4. Request permission to a folder
We train on 1 skill relating to CONTROLLING ACCESS to information:
5. Set up notification that files have been added, download, or edited
We train on 5 skills relating to COLLABORATION:
6. When to use Direct Link vs Shared Link
7. See & return to past versions
8. Find out who edited this document & when
9. Add a comment to a document
10. Set up a task for someone to do

@CenturyGroup Thank you!