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3rd Party Backup


3rd Party Backup

Hello Everyone,

It's become apparent that my organization needs a more robust backup than file versioning.  I've been researching potential solutions that aren't backing up a Storage Sync or other separate sync and there doesn't seem to be many options.

Does anyone have experience using AWS or other 3rd party solutions to create backup sets of Egnyte data directly from Egnyte without any additional variables?

Thank you!

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Moderator Nars_Support

Re: 3rd Party Backup

Hi @TPP_TNB -- AWS S3 is commonly used as an alternative object store in place of Egnyte (EOS). We have not heard of any customer using AWS as a standalone (no Storage Sync) backup solution for Egnyte.

In addition, we currently do not offer a full standalone integration with a major 3rd-party backup vendor. However, some of our customers have had plenty of success with the following options when used in combination with Storage Sync:


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