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Ability to set unlimited file lifespan on selected folders

Carl Stirland

Ability to set unlimited file lifespan on selected folders

Currently the 180 day time limit for deleted files is not long enough for our requirements.

If we could set this on couple of folders then if we wanted to archive files for long times (12 years +) they could be put in these folders.

Normal folders can have their older files flushed as normal.

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Retired Employee Emily Ganz1
Retired Employee

Re: Ability to set unlimited file lifespan on selected folders

Hi Carl,

Yes, there is a 180 day time limit on deleted files (files in the Trash folder). However, if you move the necessary files into a folder, they won't be deleted unless you go in and delete them. I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions.



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Re: Ability to set unlimited file lifespan on selected folders

From the Egnyte website: "As a file backup solution, Egnyte HybridCloud delivers world class security for disaster recovery (in the case of data breach, data loss, cyber intrusion), and data protection ( e.g. full data encryption during transmission and rest, real time continuous backup with versioning, redundant online and local storage) without the need for additional hardware, software, maintenance, or tape backup units. Egnyte offers simple, reliable continuous file backup in three Local Cloud options to meet every business need."

How can this be billed as a backup solution when a file is completely eliminated from the system 180 days after a user deletes it? Why have the 180 day time limit? It may take much longer than that to know that a deleted file is actually needed. 

It cannot honestly be considered a backup solution in any sense of the term.

The solution seems very easy and should be implemented immediately.

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Re: Ability to set unlimited file lifespan on selected folders

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for inquiring into Egnyte's backup and security policies. 

By storing files in the Cloud, you have a secure offsite backup solution.  We also want to ensure that when you delete files in the Cloud, those files are removed from our file servers so you have complete control over file storage. Removing deleted files from our servers reduces your exposure to unnecessary risk when handling sensitive data, and many companies require such procedures per their own data management policies.  Yet, at the same time you need a recovery plan to look after files that are accidently deleted. For that reason, the trashcan exists to fulfill both the needs of security as well as recovery.

If a user deletes files in the Cloud, we move files into the trash before removing them from the Egnyte server in order to give you the opportunity to recover those files. 

From your post, it sounds like you have users who delete files that you want to delete, but then you want a backup solution of deleted files that has a longer timespan than 180 days. I'm passing your request on to our products and security teams to look at this further. What is a time limit that you would recommend for protecting deleted files?

Best, Chris

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