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Adobe Files Saving as Invisible

Adobe Files Saving as Invisible

On Macs saving to the ELC, some of the Adobe apps, especially Illustrator, saves the files as invisible. If they save locally they are fine and if they save to our old server over AFP, they are fine. It appears to be an issue with Adobe and SMB shares, but they are no help. Has anyone else using an SMB ELC share seen this problem? Did you find a fix?



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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Adobe Files Saving as Invisible

Hello @Technical Suppo4,

Your case seems related to the fact that OSX has to have visibility for hidden files.

Link below show example how to enable the hidden files.

As a mater of fact the issue seems to be related to OSX / Adobe, rather than Storage Sync. We still treat the file properly as it is a normal file but OSX marks it as invisible.

Also could you please check if you can access the same share via windows computer and see if the issue persists i.e the file shows up or is invisible/hidden.

Let us know.


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