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Connect Offline Sync

Willman Lee

Connect Offline Sync

I've read the documentation about Offline Sync and can't find an answer to this.  If we sync a folder for offline access on the Egnyte Z: drive, does it ONLY use the local copy when the computer is disconnected from the internet?

We have a situation where some users at our smaller branches need access to large files on a Turbo server at our HQ but they have a terrible internet connection so access is very slow.  We can not setup an Turbo or ELC locally at their branch for them to have local access either.  If they sync the folder using Egnyte Connect for offline access but they are still working within the office, will the Egnyte connect app be smart enough to default to accessing those files locally from the sync'd version, or will it default to try and pull the files remotely from the Z: drive location?

Basically I'm looking for the same functionality as DropBox's Smart Sync where you can make files/folders available locally but not in a private only folder.

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Retired Employee Nars_Support
Retired Employee

Re: Connect Offline Sync

Hi @Willman Lee 

When Desktop App (w/ Offline Sync) is connected to a Turbo instance, the expected File Access workflow for data that has been designated to [Sync for Offline Access] is to access the offline data on the local machine first. This is irregardless of whether the target folder path also exists in Turbo.

Hope this helps explain things.


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Re: Connect Offline Sync

This a thousand times. Lack of smartsync is stopping us from buying Egnyte.

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