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Content tagging for easier search?


Content tagging for easier search?

Hi. I'm trying to understand if there is a way to add metatags to content in a folder to make search more robust? (if not, a HUGE miss and will propel me to look for better way to store my documents).  In some of my folders I'll have a lot of decks and can't rely on title only as the search filter. 



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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Content tagging for easier search?

Hi @JimGascoigne,

Have you already browsed through the following link: -

If you have not, then please read through it and see if it suits your metatags requirement in one or the other way.

Egnyte’s file search engine will consider a file’s metadata (the folder where it lives, notes added to the file, etc.) when determining how relevant a result is. Generally speaking, though, a file’s name is weighted more heavily than metadata.


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Re: Content tagging for easier search?


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