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ELC skipped file report and export list


ELC skipped file report and export list

We have more than a 1 million files on our (VM) ELC and there are always skipped files for various reasons.

The one time it shows the skipped files in the log it is rather difficult to see where these files are when the path is very long. Egnyte support suggested to look in the processor.log file. This is very time consuming and not how it should be. The webpage should at least clearly show the full path or better have an export feature where it saves the skipped file list in a text file so that we can look through and take action where necessary.

In addition to that there seems to be a bug since we started using the ELC (more than 6 months ago with all versions including 8.4.7). It shows only one time skipped files but then never again until we do things like reboot the ELC or I believe force a full sync. With several hundred syncs running a day it is certain we will miss the one sync that showed skipped files thus we never know if there are still files skipped during sync.


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Retired Employee

Re: ELC skipped file report and export list


The latest version of ELC provides a truncated view of very long folder paths that is an improvement over earlier clients, but still not the full path. I've noted your request here and will post back when I have updates.

Would you please submit a support request for your second point regarding skipped files?



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