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File\Folder Owners Report

Jim Browarski

File\Folder Owners Report

Is there a way to find all files and folders owned by a user? I understand that the auditing report can give some information, but only up to 6 months back. Can you identify the owner of files that have been sitting out there for longer than 6 months but have not been changed or accessed.

This is important because we need to identify all data owned by a user when they are leaving the company.

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Community Manager Don David
Community Manager

Re: File\Folder Owners Report

Hi Jim,

We currently do not have this feature but appreciate your feedback. Your suggestions are very important to us and allows us to improve our services and products. We will pass this along to our Product Team and will be considered in future releases.

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Robert Ellis

Re: File\Folder Owners Report

I just ran into an issue in which this functionality would be EXTREMELY useful.  Rather than have to sift through 60gb+ of data looking, i could just run a report and have all files right there.


Re: File\Folder Owners Report

This is an old request and others have made it more recently. I also need a report by folder owner, not by individual permissions.

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: File\Folder Owners Report

Hi @CenturyGroup,

Thank you for writing. 

The reason you have not heard much about this is coz of the response to this feature. We did not get much requests to develop this kind of report. But I will still make it an attempt to send a note to the product team about this. 


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