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File Permissions


File Permissions

Hello.  How do I give a user permissions to a file only, not the folder?  User already has editor access to the folder it resides in.  User is trying to add information to a Excel Spreadsheet and it will not save her change or additions.

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Re: File Permissions

Hi Dave55,

We can only apply permissions to a folder in Egnyte. All files within that folder will inherit the folder permissions unless you choose to turn off permission inheritance.


The editor access should allow the user to make changes to the file. How does this user make the change to the file? are you using Webedit to open the file in local Microsoft Excel, Office 365 or Egnyte desktop connect client?

Community Manager JulieMullins
Community Manager

Re: File Permissions

Thanks @bazza for jumping in to help on this one! @Dave55, just wanted to check in to see if bazza's response answered your question or if you have any further questions. 

- Julie

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