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Folder Permissions

Folder Permissions

Hi. When I set up a new Power User, that user is automatically given permissions to varying folders under a few folders (often at inconsistent sub-folder level) via an "All Power Users" group which does not appear in my Groups list. I presume this was set up originally and has since been deleted. Is there a way to sto this from occurriung? At present I am navigating to each folder and removing this group - but have to do it for each new power user. Ideally I can reomve "All Power Users" from everything and then set Groups up in a structured way.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Folder Permissions

Hi @Richard Chater1 

It sounds like someone had enabled [Folder Inheritance] from a particular folder level, which happens to have various folder permission levels for the built-in [All Power Users] group. 

There are a few ways to recursively cleanup the inconsistent Folder Permission assignments in your present data structure. We strongly encourage you to contact our Support team at to go over your options. 


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