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How are Salesforce record and Egnyte folders linked?


How are Salesforce record and Egnyte folders linked?

Hi all, 

We have been using Salesforce and the Egnyte integration for 5 years now. We are currently planning to split our current Salesforce AND Egnyte instance into 4 new instances. As part of the effort, requires moving account records and it's associated Engyte fodler that was created through the Egnyte for Salesforce integration app.

How do we go about migrating the Egnyte folders to a new instance, and ensure it links up to the correct Account records (or any record for that matter) in Salesoforce? Maybe we weren't looking hard enough, but we were unable to find documentation specifically on Egnyte Salesforce migration, and how the Salesforce records and Egnyte folders are linked. 


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Re: How are Salesforce record and Egnyte folders linked?

If you have the Salesforce record Ids, you can get the path to the folder using the Egnyte API.

pubapi/v1/sfdc/foldermap/{18 character Salesforce record ID}


Theoretically, you could create a mapping of SF records in your old SF instance to SF records in your new SF instances as well as a mapping of SF records in your old instance to Egnyte folders in your old Egnyte instance.


Then you can traverse the mappings to find the correct Egnyte folder in your old Egnyte instance for any given SF record in your new SF instances. Once you have that you could programatically download folders from you old Egnyte instance and upload them to wherever you want in your new Egnyte instances (presumably a path that's dependent on your new SF record).

It's not a trivial migration. I suggest you get in touch with your account representative. I'm guessing this would require professional services.

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