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How to stop Overwriting files by clients


How to stop Overwriting files by clients

I have customers complaing that they uploaded a depost to an inbox, yet my staff has not done anything with it. It turns out that the cutomer uploaded mulitple deposts with the same name, overwtting the orginal one. Obvsouly this is a training issues, however, is there a way to "turn off" the overwrititng procces and have the depost upload with a "(01)" like a dektop file system would do?  

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Re: How to stop Overwriting files by clients

Hi @ccb1102 

Data preservation is our top priority. Thus, the designed behavior for handling objects with 100% matching filenames is to preserve the existing copy as an older version. Unfortunately, our standard file handling algorithm will not (and should not) automatically append each file upload, as we find that having an append by default design will make for a cumbersome file management.

The only exception to our File Versioning rule is when files are uploaded via an [Upload Link] by anonymous users. Refer to the following community post for an example:


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