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Loss of data


Loss of data

Help please.

Have issues with saving data in spreadsheets. No problems since March this year (2018) but recently encountering issues.

I 'save' after each data input session - and at the end of the day prior to shut down.

On opening my PC following day data previously inputted has not been saved...

Auto save always on..

Confused as to why this has suddenly become an issue..

Would appreciate any suggestions how to fix this please




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Community Manager JulieMullins
Community Manager

Re: Loss of data

Hi @RayH1, I'm so sorry you're having this issue. I know that is extremely frustrating. I have some clarifying questions so we can identify the issue.

  1. Are you using Microsoft Excel, by chance?
  2. If using Excel, are you using the O365 online version or desktop version installed to your computer?
  3. When accessing the file, do you download the file and save it back to Egnyte, use the O365 integration for auto-save (that's what it sounds like you're using) or use WebEdit from Egnyte to make changes?

Thanks for reaching out. Let me know and based on your response, we'll try to get this solved for you.

- Julie

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