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Migrating from Egnyte to Egnyte


Migrating from Egnyte to Egnyte

Our current company just spun-off from our parent and we wanted to migrate our old files (already in Egnyte) to a separate/new Egnyte instance.

There are only 5 of us and permissions settings are as simple as they get. Everyone has access to everything except for one folder (HR). The total data to be migrated is also fairly small at roughly 50GB.

Our IT Support/Partners have quoted us $2,900 for this service. Does this seem like a fair quote? How hard is it to execute a migration like this?

Thank you for your help!

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Retired Employee Nars_Support
Retired Employee

Re: Migrating from Egnyte to Egnyte

Hi @DDS -- we're not able to comment on pricing, as there are a lot of factors that tie in to cost estimates.

We do offer an Egnyte Cloud Copy solution that will allow you to migrate data from one Egnyte domain to another. Please contact your Account Manager or our Support team ( to have this feature enabled for your Egnyte domain.


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