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Other search input languages

Rachel Hooker

Other search input languages

I have some clients who would like to be able to search/upload in a language other than English, is this something that will become available?

Ex: Upload a file in Spanish and then be able to search for that file using that language

The language I was asked if it was accommodated is Arabic, but since I didn't even see Spanish listed I didn't have high hopes of an affirmative answer. If the languages that were supported were expanded, we as business owners that sell/advertise your product would benefit but Egnyte as a whole could also expand and be more profitable. If there is an encryption issue with expanding the language base that is understandable but I'd like to know a definitive either way.

Thank you,

Rachel H

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Other search input languages

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for writing to us. Is it possible for you to attach any file to this post? I personally would like to test this first. If this is not available, then I would like to send it over to my product team.



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