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Personal Local Cloud Vista UAC


Personal Local Cloud Vista UAC

I'm trying to run personal local cloud 5.2 on Vista machines in our organization with Vista User Account Control (UAC) enabled. After login, Windows UAC barks from the notification area that a startup program has been blocked by Windows. No big deal for an admin user - I just click allow blocked program and then provide admin credentials to UAC and the program launches. Problem is when it's a non-admin user that can't bypass UAC. I found another workaround to even get rid of the prompt by removing it as a startup item in msconfig and running a scheduled task at logon. But once again, only works for admin users.

I think it's a pretty standard setup in organizations to leave UAC enabled and leave users set up as non-admin level users.

When I inquired with support I was told the following (I don't really accept this answer by the way, There must be a workaround!!! Suggesting the NAS solution is not reasonable - mobile users need to be able to sync straight to the cloud. We are already using a NAS server for regular LAN users by the way...):

"Tino, Apr-18 04:44 pm (PDT):

Hi Eric,

in order for egnyte to run it needs admin privileges, so you have 2 options for egnyte to work.

  1. Turn off UAC
  2. Lower the setting for UAC

Since egnyte needs to have full access to the PC when running personal local cloud, sounds like you would benefit from our Office Local Cloud / Netgear ready NAS device, this give an administrator more control over your egnyte cloud environment."





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