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Problems with sync and changing file names


Problems with sync and changing file names

I am very new to Egnyte and to a new company and I was hoping that some kind folk might be able to help me with a problem that my client is having, their email is below, the names have been changed to protect privacy:


Some employees, especially X are still having problems with renaming files. Y has changed her permissions so she can now delete. When projecst are instructed by clients, the files are copied from the quote folder into the reports folder. The file name is changed by adding the instruction date at the end of the file name. We frequently end up with duplicate file names, the original quote file name and then another one with the new instruction date on it. We are also now getting batches of folders that are deleted, then return after a few hours/the following day. Sometimes we have to delete then again, but sometimes they will eventually disappear on their own. Do you know why this may happen? 


Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Retired Employee

Re: Problems with sync and changing file names

Hi @Paul Davies it may be best to contact our Support team directly at for live (remote session) assistance with what you're experiencing. From there, our Support team will be able to guide you through our Folder Permission model, as well as, resolve any issues with reappearing data.


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