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Target Path/Link

Target Path/Link

When I run a File Report and export to Excel, it lists a column called "Target Path/Link". This column does not display on the WebUI. It is filled with N/A on the test report did but, what is this going to tell me if it is populated? It might be of value. I'm guessing that it would show a link that a user was sent and clicked on rather than just navigating to that page on their own. These are the exported column headings: File/Folder Target Path/Link User/Location Transaction Type Action Info Access Time IP Address

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Retired Employee Sagar
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Re: Target Path/Link

Hello Peter,

It certainly is of value. The export gives you a way to filter the report as per actions which you cannot do via the UI. 

The 'Target Path/Link' is dual parameter. This means either the Target/Destination folder path or a Share Link. If the action is a share link on a file/folder, then you shall find a link in the column. But if the action involves a move/rename then you shall see the Destination path in this column. For actions such as downloading, adding a note, locking or unlocking file or deleting a file, you will see N/A in the column. This is because all action happens in the source folder itself. 

I hope this explains/answers your question. Please feel free to write back if you have more questions and we will be glad to answer them for you. 


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