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Thick Provisioning Project Turbo Disks

Thick Provisioning Project Turbo Disks

The documentation recommends thick provisioning storage disks with the following description:

"It is recommended that storage disk is not "thin provisioned" as the VM host does not check if the virtual disk can actually use their maximum space and could lead to Disk Full errors."

This sounds to me like the concern is that if I thin provision 3 2TB disks, and I don't have 6TB of underlying storage, eventually I could run in to a problem of having over-provisioned my underlying storage, but if I am certain I have plenty of underlying storage, but don't want to tie it up in being thick provisioned before its needed, I should be perfectly fine thin provisioning them, correct?

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Thick Provisioning Project Turbo Disks

Hi @Andrew Baker,

Althought it is just a recommendation, I would suggest you stick to it unless you have tested otherwise.

The explicit mention of not having a thin provisioned disk is because when the disk is thin provisioned, basically the VM can over provision and other VMs can also take up the available space which means the space is not guranteed. 

So having thick provisioning guarantees you have the provisioned disk.


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