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Unsupported Characters


Unsupported Characters


I want to move our company's whole file storage to Egnyte because I like the system very much. But there is one huge problem: As is known, some characters in file names are not supported - but our companiy's file server contains hundrets or thousands of such files since our file server has around 4 TB files from the last 20 years... fixing the file names manually is impossible as this would take months... 

Is there any solution? Otherwise Egnyte won't be an option for us... :-(

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Unsupported Characters

Hello @ms_p8,

Thank you for writing to us. Upon reading your question, I can think of the storage sync app that we offer on Netgear/VM/Hyper-V. There is a feature in this app which replaces the special charaters with an underscore. 

However, there are 2 things stopping me from suggesting it to you. 

1. I am not sure if the entire list of special chracters published in our KB can be replaced with the underscore.

2. If the above is true, would you be willing to have the filenames changed and get the special characters replaced.

Let me know if you are fine with the change and I can accordingly engage the required resources to assist.  


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Re: Unsupported Characters

Assuming you have backed up your entire data store in the event something goes wrong, you could potentially write a script that renames any filenames that include the unsupported characters. You could allow it to run for a weekend or several more days depending on how efficient it is. However, this could also potentially cause issues depending on the type of the files. The software used to open the files may not be able to open them after renaming until you manually re-link or re-open the files.

Paul Graham

Re: Unsupported Characters

Our company is in the same situation, we were going to roll it out to all Users but have had to limit it to just one department who used it first as it is not backing up a lot of our files and we obviously have no intention of changing our business practices around a silly restriction like this and now once again it is causing us significant problems so we have to do something about it.

When we first discovered this problem we were told there may be some sort of fix coming, does anybody know of any out-of-the-box fixes for this that have been rolled out or are planned please?

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager

Re: Unsupported Characters

We are considering expanding the character set, but it is something we're investigating very closely because it can cause real problems in environments where users are on a mix of Windows and Mac.

Consider a case where a folder has a file that isn't valid on one operating system.  If a user on that operating system copies that folder to another location that file won't be copied because the operating system wouldn't have requested for that file to be copied.  The same could happen with a user deleting a folder without realizing there are other files in the folder that the user cannot see.

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