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Work around for conflict detection for AutoCAD .dwg files


Work around for conflict detection for AutoCAD .dwg files

We have a number of users online (in main office), online (in remote office) and offline (in the field) all accessing AutoCAD .dwg files. Our issue is maintaining current files for all - ideally only one person editing the file at any given time.

For those online, the file locking function is fantastic.

When going offline, the sync option is good, but coming back online Egnyte does not support .dwg files for Conflict Detection. 

We have multiple instances of users in both online and offline environments access the 'same file', both  making changes, and overwriting one or the other when offline user comes back online. 

What is the best work around for this scenario? 

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Re: Work around for conflict detection for AutoCAD .dwg files

Hi @amme11 

Unfortunately, as you mentioned, .dwg is on the list of excluded file types for Conflict Detection, so I'm afraid there isn't a streamlined way to keep track of offline changes with AutoCAD files, other than going through the changes manually. 

We recommend dropping an Enhancement Request in the Ideas section for improved Conflict Detection compatibility pertaining to .dwg files.


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