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what are .smbdelete files?

Chris Young4

what are .smbdelete files?

When we encode .mp4 files in Adobe Media Encoder directly to our SMB Share, we usually wind up with one or more ".smbdelete" files on our cloud instance after the sync.  I usually just delete them in the cloud, and there hasn't been a problem.   But I wanted to see if there was any known issue with this, or if there was a way to keep them from being generated.  

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Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Re: what are .smbdelete files?

Hi Chris,

These files are not actually generated by Egnyte's sync products. I did a quick search and it looks like the .smbdelete file might be related to Apple or the specific application you're using.

Currently, there's no way to keep these files from being synced into Egnyte, but we are planning to include a feature that will help with this for our future releases. Thanks for your question.

  • Shyam
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Re: what are .smbdelete files?

I'm still getting lots of these files as well. It wasn't an issue last year for me.
Any clue on how to keep them hidden/deleted permanently?

Re: what are .smbdelete files?


I see that you have already submitted a support ticket #495303 for this. A support agent will surely reach out to you to discuss this.

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