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Bug Report


Bug Report

I wrote a program which monitors the network connections, and depending on whether or not the user is connected to the company's network, will either mount a local file server, or Egnyte respectively. When I ran the"EgnyteClient.exe -command -l studiogang" command to mount the drive, it did mount the Egnyte drive successfully, but it retained remote path from our local server when displayed in Windows Explorer as you can see in the screenshot below. \\locus\Net Software Is a file server internal to to our company, and would be significantly larger than 111GiB, and have a significantly different folder structure than just Private and Shared directories. Pressing F5 to refresh that window, or opening a new Explorer issue does not resolve this problem either. Egnyte does however display correctly in the left hand side bar, and the Win32 API “WNetGetConnection” does report the correct data - \\EgnyteDrive\studiogang


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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Bug Report

Hello @burnettm,

Thank you for writing to the community. 

The screenshots you provided certainly give a good idea of what you experienced. Did you try this on multiple machines and were able to reproduce the issue ? Also was the internal server mapped to the X drive anytime prior to your tests ? 

If the issue is reproducible on different machines as well, then we would want you to file a support ticket so that our support team can review this case and get help from the engineering if needed.


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