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Egnyte limitation around docusign logins

David Oldroyd1

Egnyte limitation around docusign logins

We need the ability to use the same docusign login across multiple Egnyte logins. I opened a ticket #230613 to address this bug, but was told that it was a docusign limitation and to post this here. I'm not sure how this will help, but in the interest of trying to follow the rules, and hopefully get some resolution, I'm posting here.

I was told that it was a limitation imposed by docusign, but prior to us moving to Egnyte we followed the same process with without any issues at all. This is why it leads me to believe that it is more of an Egnyte bug and less of a Docusign bug.

Please advise.

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Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Re: Egnyte limitation around docusign logins

Hi David,

I took a look at DocuSign's API documentation and have a suggestion that might help. DocuSign supports up to 10 access tokens per userId, so you may want to log into your Docusign Web console and check which ones are active. It's possible you've hit this threshold, so you may need to clean this up. See page 17 of this link for more details:

As a side note, you should probably also make sure this use case is compliant with DocuSign's terms & conditions.

I hope this helps.


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