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Installing Egnyte Desktop Sync on Server OS

IT Manager4

Installing Egnyte Desktop Sync on Server OS

Hi Egnyte,

We have a requirement to run server grade OS for some of our development staff. They were running on a extreamly old version of desktop sync as it allowed them it to be installed on windows server OS till recently. The desktop sync has since been end of life'ed and no longer syncs.


We are enable to install the latest version as it detects that it is server OS and directs us to install HyperV storage sync.

We currently run Vmware Storage sync on site.


A number of our applications specifically do not allow us to run or work off a mapped network drive, or network share. Which is why we liked the old version as it allowed us to sync specific folders related to these applications while working off the share for other day to day files.


Is there any way possible to install Egnyte Desktop Sync on a server grade OS?

- The servers/machine are single user accessed.

- We only sync a subset of the files in our egnyte.



This is a expansion of a very old forum post i started asking this perviously:

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Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Re: Installing Egnyte Desktop Sync on Server OS

Hello @IT Manager4,

Thank you for reaching out. 

The Desktop Sync application has improved since it worked last for you on the Server OS. This application was never meant to used on servers and thus the strict policy for end of life to older version. As far as I know, earlier we used to atleast allow the installation of Desktop Sync on the servers. The newer version have been developed so as to detect the OS and stop the installation during the initial stages itself.

I will still check with our Product Team and see if there is still a way to get this done. 


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Community Manager JulieMullins
Community Manager

Re: Installing Egnyte Desktop Sync on Server OS

Hi @IT Manager4 ,

This is the info our product manager provided for this question.

Unfortunately, we do not support Desktop Sync on a Windows server instance. It's not possible to install the lowest working version on Windows Server.

The Desktop App, though not supported, can be installed and should generally work but we recommend that you reach out to the vendor who doesn't support mapped network drives to accomplish this.

Let us know if you have further questions or need any clarification on this.

- Julie

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