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How Integrating Your CRM Can Transform Your Client Experience - Webinar

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Now more than ever, customer experience is an engine of growth that differentiates companies in competitive marketplaces. With compliance front and center in any technology evolution, Practifi is a powerful CRM platform designed specifically for financial advice firms. Its ease of use, automated workflows, compliance, and monitoring features made it the perfect choice for EP Wealth. It had one other key benefit: seamless integration with Egnyte.

In our upcoming webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges growing companies have to measure, manage, and improve customer experience

  • How EP Wealth transformed their customer experience by moving to a cloud-based CRM and Egnyte

  • The benefits of a cloud-based CRM

  • Egnyte’s extensive functionality including the advantage of setting permissions on a sub folder level

  • The simplicity of migrating to the cloud for both CRM and internal content

  • Egnyte’s compliance features, including: FINRA-compliant online storage with end-to-end data protection and SEC 17a, 31a, 204 record keeping regulations for confidential data

Join us to learn how financial advice firms can transform customer experience while creating more efficient processes that meet compliance regulations.

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