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On-Demand: How Egnyte and Microsoft Empower Firstline Workers

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Struggling to help firstline workers become more productive?

Watch our webinar to discover how Egnyte and Microsoft Teams can empower firstline workers and IT with exciting capabilities to achieve more.

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In this session attendees will learn how Egnyte integrates with Microsoft Teams allowing for:

  •   Access to a single content platform capable of integrating on-prem and multi cloud data repositories, with no storage limits and centralized searches across all content
  •   Access very large files, in low bandwidth, remote locations, without needing a VPN
  •   Easily download/upload files, share files with incremental security options and more
  •   Trigger automated workflows across all data repositories through Power Automate
  • End-to-end file monitoring and protection inclusive across all data repositories

Register for our webinar and discover how Egnyte and Microsoft empower the modern workforce. 

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