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Q&A - Making the Switch to the Egnyte Desktop App webinar

Community Manager Jake Herres1
Community Manager
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Read questions and answers from the "Making the Switch to the Egnyte Desktop App" webinar here.

Have questions of your own? Post them in this thread and an Egnyte expert will respond.


We use Boxcryptor with Desktop Sync -- will Boxcryptor work with the Desktop App (Egnyte Connect)? If yes, how?

Community Manager Jake Herres1
Community Manager

FAQs from the Live Webinar held on December 3rd 2019.


Q: if you have a file synced to your system to use offline - and 2 people do this and make changes - how does the file behave when you go online again?

A: Hello, the situation depends on whether the user is actually connected to the Internet or not (despite being synced for offline). If the user is online, then the file will upload with the changes from both users in real-time. If the user is offline, then the user will upload their changes only when they reconnect to a network. However, in both scenarios, the file changes will be uploaded and sorted based on their last modified time-stamp (primarily). There is the possibility that there would be a conflict copy <> because the original file was the source material used for both users (the 2nd user would create a conflict). 


Q: How does offline access work with the app as opposed to the current desktop sync?

A: With Desktop Sync, you only see folders you chose to sync from Egnyte. Desktop shows you everything available to you on the cloud. You then can select the folders you want synced for offline access. 


Q: What is the workflow for how things will be stored with the app?

A: Instead of supplying a local folder location, The path to access content stays the same. If it is synced for offline access you simply go to the location you already do on Egnyte.


Q: Using CADD: I'm concerned with the ability to save the reference files to the main file. Will This be included?

A: With any application that makes use of cross referenced files, you can continue working the same way within the drive letter instead of the sync directory. When transitioning to the Desktop App, links are also preserved so long as the application in question uses relative links.


Q: Where are the files stored on Offline mode in Desktop App?
We use this feature in Desktop Sync to take an offsite backup of our files.

A: Hi, currently the files are stored inside the local AppData folder %localappdata%\EgnyteDrive.


Q: will you implement a feature that allows me to select where the Desktop App content is stored? E.g. on drive D instead of drive C

A: Yes, this is certainly on our roadmap for very early in 2020. You would still access content from the drive that's added, but the actual content will occupy disk space in the drive of your choosing.


Q: We have an "Admin" who is able to give "Power Users" the ability to sync content for offline use, but can't seem to give themselves that ability. How does an "Admin" sync content for offline use?

A: Admins have control over this feature in your domain's settings. They can allow Admins Only, Admins and Power Users, or disable Sync for all users.


Q: Are you able to work simultaneously with others on Desktop App?

A: Being able to work simultaneously relies on the program you are editing in, for example Word Online allows for Coauthoring and all changes save to Egnyte right away.


Q: When using Desktop Sync, a file that is saved will automatically be synced and uploaded to the cloud in real time. If using the Desktop App, when do files get uploaded to the cloud after being saved? Will they still sync automatically?

A: Correct, this will be the same flow for Desktop App (Egnyte Connect). The changes and file locking will take place accordingly.


Q: Everything you are presenting applies for MAC also?

A: Yes


Q: We are using desktop sync on our network server as a real time backup solution as local users open, edit and save network files. Is this possible with desktop app (i.e keeping the primary copy of files on network server and synced backup on egnyte)?

A: Unfortunately, we do not fully support this use case for either Desktop Sync or Desktop App. Our Desktop App is for individual machines with individual accounts that pull from Egnyte's cloud. Storage Sync would be the best fit sharing out locally for users in an office environment and your use case.


Q: We have some programs, such as QuickBooks Desktop, that do not work with Egnyte Connect because it requires a local version of the file to be on the local hard drive. Once we move to the new Desktop App, will these programs see the files on the local hard drive the same way they currently do under Desktop Sync?

A: If the application can work from a network drive, it can work with the Desktop App. If it specifically needs a local hard drive location, you might still be able to work with the Desktop App with the use of Connected Folders ( Our support team can help determine whether this is required and how to best set it up.


Q: How do I "un-sync" folders that I no longer need on my computer?

A: For Desktop App you can go to Settings> Offline Folders > Select the folder to remove from offline and click on Remove selected. 


Q: With Desktop Sync we would backup the local 'documents' and 'desktop' folder by redirecting them to the users private folder. How do we do this with the new desktop app? 

A: You can achieve this workflow by using Connected folders in the Desktop App. More info here: Our support team can also help advise how to best set this up or transition to using connected folders in cases where you are using a mass deployment solution.


Q: I don't have the right click to sync folder to my computer option. Can you help me to figure out why? I have desktop app on my computer and am using it but i still have desktop sync on the computer also. Maybe that is causing the problem.

A: This feature must be enabled on your Egnyte account by internal Egnyte Admins (IT)


Q: How can you determine what you currently have installed?

A: Windows you can go to your "Control Panel > Add/Uninstall Program Files" and on a Mac you can go to "Finder > Apps".


Q: Can you see the app on your desktop?

A: The Desktop App will be a slanted drive with a Egnyte logo on your Windows system tray or Mac tray.


Q: Is the app version just as safe as the sync version given that is it more cloud based?

A: It's the same with the key feature of global file locking and the ability to unmount/remove the drive (which clears out the data listing from the cloud down).


Q: what size file would you say is 'too big' for a cloud download and should by synced?

A: While it's possible, we do not recommend using the desktop app for migrating large amounts of data at once (e.g., more than 10,000 files, 100GB or half the remaining amount of disk space on the machine at one time). The Desktop App temporarily uses up to 2x the amount of disk space when new content is added (one copy to edit and one copy that is queued for upload). This ensures that users have immediate access to newly added content without the risk of file corruption. The storage used is only temporary and is cleared once the files are uploaded.


Q: Is the Desktop App avalable now?

A: Hi, you can download the app here:


Q: Does the Desktop Sync need to be completely deinstalled before downloading the Desktop App?

A: Hi, no it does not, both can be used in conjunction.


Q: If you want to sync the same files/folders that you've always had, do you need to delete the data from your hard drive or can you leave it? (ie I don't want to end up with 2 copies on the hard drive)

A: You can do one final sync with the desktop sync and then uninstall the desktop sync. It is safe to delete the local folders. After that, you can install the desktop app and select the folders for offline sync. 


Q: Is there an administrative configuration option to enable the sync capability of the desktop app?

A: Hi, yes there is. Please refer to the following article


Q: Is there a quick way to select ALL folders and sub folders to sync for offline access, or is it necessary to select individually?

A: Hi, I would recommend selecting the option for offline sync at the highest parent level.


Q: I login to 2 different domains through the Desktop Sync on a daily basis and work from both at the same time. Can I have access to both domains at the same time on the Desktop App

A: Yes, you can add multiple accounts through the desktop app.


Employee Tri Hoang

@BPD although we have no integration with Boxcryptor at the moment, you can add the drive mounted by the Egnyte Desktop App toBoxcryptor just like how you do it with Desktop Sync.

If you want to request a deeper integration, please file an idea here.

FAQs from the Live Webinar held on January 28th 2020.


Q: Will files that are deleted on the desktop appear in the trash folder in Egnyte?  And should it also appear in the computer's Recycle Bin? 

A: Files deleted from any access point on Egnyte (Web UI, Desktop App, Mobile App) will appear in the Egnyte trash bin and are for restoration based on permissioning in your domain. However, these deleted files will not appear in the trash bin located on your computer’s hard drive.  


Q: Do permissions work the same as with desktop sync? 

A: Yes, in general permissions work the same in Desktop App as they do in Sync (ie: you can only see the content you have permission to access). The Desktop App, however, also enforces read only permissions by denying users with read only access the ability to edit content. Desktop Sync allows users to edit locally but not sync, because they don’t have permission to edit content. 


Q: How well will Desktop App work with files like PSDs, video editing, etc? 

A: In general, functionality with the Desktop App is the same across file types. Just keep in mind that the app has to download files before it can open them. So when working with particularly large files, we recommend syncing the parent folder for offline access so that the content is readily available. 


Q: Can users still use Sync while other users in the organization have transitioned to use the Desktop App? 

A: Yes, users within the same organization can use Desktop Sync while others use the Desktop App without interference. Just know that the file locking mechanism will not work for those users on Desktop Sync. That said, conflict detection in Desktop Sync will still kick in. 


Q: If we sync a file for offline access then unsync it later, does Egnyte delete those files from the local hard drive? 

A: Unsyncing a folder for offline access will remove the content from the local hard drive, however, the content is still available in the cloud with an internet connection.