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State of Egnyte Q&A Thread (Fall 2019)

Community Manager Jake Herres1
Community Manager
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SOE Spring 2019 Q&A.png

Read the questions and answers from the State of Egnyte Q3 2019 webinar here (posted after October 23rd). Have questions of your own? Post them here and our product team will respond.

Register for the Fall 2019 State of Egnyte.

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Good Afternoon. We can't use the desktop app to search for files. We can only look for files when we are in the cloud. Can you let me know how we can access this feature? Thanks!

Community Manager KathleenHunt
Community Manager

Question: Does this type of summit reoccur at regular intervals?

Answer: Yes! We have a quarterly State of Egnyte presentation to review recent updates to our products and talk about upcoming and road mapped features and enhancements. We'll send out reminder emails once we get closer to the next State of Egnyte, and you can register at Egnyte University.


Question: Is this camera option (iOS Widget) available for Android too? If not, when?

Answer: Part of the capability is there via a widget that allows for capturing photos directly into Egnyte, but it has a different user experience. We are planning to bring the Android approach closer to what was described here for iOS.


Question: We have a business function that requires pictures taken at a job site of specific, recurring elements of that site - is there a way to tag the site with the required photos and then for the picture taker to tag that they have taken one of the specific task photos?

Answer: We don't have anything built-in like that, but we do have a great integration with FotoIN that you may want to check out. 


Question: There will be a risk of folks forgetting they've gone offline (on Turbo). How do we deal with this? 

Answer: We're going to have a way to go offline for a specific time (e.g.. mark me offline for the next 2 hours). We'll also have indicators on the app showing that you're in offline mode.


Question: With the local sync, are there plans to improve the means of syncing/unsyncing folders than using the command line as it is now? Complex command-line arguments are simply not reasonable to hand over to end users.

Answer: Yes, we are definitely considering adding a user interface for Connected folders. Note that for regular folder syncing, you can already do that via the context menu in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. It is only Connected Folders (syncing an existing folder outside of the Egnyte folder into Egnyte) where the CLI is needed today.


Question: Is an improved Microsoft Teams integration coming soon?

Answer: Yes - Microsoft is in the final stages of qualifying an updated integration that allows Egnyte to run as the Storage service for Teams. 


Question: Is a re-install of the VM required and migration of the storage to get to the Debian based VM?

Answer: Updating to the Debian-based VM, unfortunately, requires a re-install. We will provide migration tools to get this update. That said, you can continue to remain on your CentOS VM and still receive periodic updates from us. The update to the Debian VM can be done at a convenient slot when there is a business down-time.


Question: How long until the Debian based VM will be available? I have several new VMs to deploy, and it would be nice to start with the new setup instead of migrating in a couple of months? 

Answer: We are looking at another month (late November / early December) to release the Debian VM. 


Question: How does Egnyte set priorities for enhancements and adding new features? Is there a customer group that offers input to Egnyte on enhancements and new features?

Answer: We look at many things, from customer feature requests, internal ideas, and competitive & market trends. If you have ideas on how to improve Egnyte, please submit them on the Egnyte Community in the "Ideas" section where our product team will see them, and other Egnyte customers can vote on the ideas.


Question: Is ransomware detection only available in the Protect product?

Answer: There is a more basic signature-based ransomware detection that is part of Egnyte Connect. However, the more advanced behavioral-based ransomware detection, which can identify "zero-day" ransomware, is only available as part of Egnyte Protect.


Question: Is the FIDO2 token an add-on item?

Answer: FIDO2 two-factor authentication is currently only available for Egnyte Protect. Results within Egnyte Protect constitute, in essence, a distillation of your most sensitive content, hence the need to add support for higher security in Protect authentication. We intend to also extend this to Egnyte Connect in the future.

Community Manager KathleenHunt
Community Manager

Hello @CW,

To search for files and folders in the Desktop App, you'll need to make sure you're using version 3.5.0 for Windows or 3.5.1 for Mac (or higher). Once you've verified that you're on the right version, access the Desktop App menu from the icon tray (Windows) or icon bar (Mac) and open the "Home" tab. From there, you'll be able to see your recent files and access the search bar. 


Thank you,