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Egnyte Community Guidelines

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Egnyte Community Guidelines

Egnyte Community Guidelines


The Egnyte Community exists for members to exchange ideas, solutions, tips, techniques, and information about Egnyte products, services, and related thought leadership content. We built this community as a place for you to engage with your peers. But while doing so, please remember that all community interactions are subject to the following guidelines, in addition to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  1. Be considerate.

Everyone in the Egnyte Community has a diverse background and set of skills that make this community special. We encourage you to share your unique experience and expertise with others, but it’s important to be considerate, respectful, positive, and tolerant of differing views. Remember that every post is read by real people so treat comments in the same way you would treat a face-to-face conversation.


  1. Be relevant.

The Egnyte Community is intended to add value. Please stay on-topic, do not post duplicate messages, and do not attempt to spam, advertise, or sell on the community.  


  1. Share your expertise.

The community is only as good as its contributions. Everyone has something to offer regardless of product experience so please ask questions, share ideas, meet new peers, comment, answer questions, interact, and engage. This is what it’s all about!


  1. Be responsible.

Common sense and good judgement should always be used when posting or interacting with the community. You should never share personally identifiable information such as email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, or any information that you wouldn’t want everyone to know. Remember, all laws are still applicable to the community; references and sources should be cited as needed.


  1. Help is available.

Whether you have a question, concern, or feedback, moderators and Egnyte employees are available to help. Look for the “Mod” or “Employee” titles and feel free to message them for assistance.


If you recognize any violation of these guidelines or the Terms of Service, please notify us within the community by choosing "Report Inappropriate Content" from the message's Options dropdown menu and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate. If you ever have any questions about these guidelines or anything else pertaining to this community, feel free to message us at:


Keep in mind that Egnyte does not prescreen all information submitted by users of the site prior to submission. Egnyte retains the right, but not the responsibility, to edit or remove any information, including those deemed by Egnyte to violate these guidelines or the Terms of Service. Egnyte will make good faith efforts to investigate all reports of inappropriate content and content that violates these guidelines or the Terms of Service but (a) makes no warranty to you that it will edit, remove, or continue to permit the display of any specific content, whether or not subject to such allegations, and (b) will have no liability whatsoever for editing, removing, or continuing to permit the display of the content. Moderators can remove anyone at any time for violating these guidelines, or for any other reason.

- Julie

PS. Help others find answers by selecting "Accept as Solution" if a post answers your question.
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