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Egnyte Connect disappears on laptop


Egnyte Connect disappears on laptop

Hello, I have one laptop where the egnyte desktop disappears.  I have to re-install for it to come back.  When I re-install it acts like it is already installed and I have to continue with a re-install for his drive to pop back up.  

Laptop os 10, I have checked his anti-virus and it allows the connect program.  

any suggestions?


Thank you

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Retired Employee Nars_Support
Retired Employee

Re: Egnyte Connect disappears on laptop

Hi @McTighe 

There are various 3rd party software that can interfere with Desktop App's ability to operate normally. A corrupt installation state due to stuck/remnant application files could also play a factor. With that said, it may be best to contact our Support Team at to arrange a live troubleshooting session for this behavior.


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