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Synching Issue with mapped drive

Brian Bigwood

Synching Issue with mapped drive

I have recently noticed that a few files seem to be excluded from my Egnyte files in my Z drive. The folders appear on everyone elses Z drive in the group in work in, but not on mine. Is there a way to tell if my Egnyte is syncing properly or to resolve this issue?


The fix I currently use is to go online and download the folder from the Egnyte website, and then drag and drop it into my Z drive. I am not sure if the Z drive continues syncing this folder however.

I was using the Egnyte Connect Desktop App and also downloaded the Desktop Synch app to maybe reslove the synch issue, Now However my local drive is filling up with space cause of this.

Any help would be appreciated

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Moderator Nars_Support

Re: Synching Issue with mapped drive

Hi @Brian Bigwood  

This doesn't sound like something we can easily rectify over the Community channel. If possible, please contact our Support team at so we may provide live troubleshooting for this matter.

Thank you,

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