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Weird persistent pointer files

George Tobin

Weird persistent pointer files

A user who is operating mostlyfrom files accessed via the Egnyte Connect app on a Windows 10 machine sees lots of what look like pointer files in iexplorer, each 4K.  They do not close when the file is closed/saved.  Happens in Word, Excel and Acrobat and not all the time or with all files. I can delete them without consequence but user keeps trying to open them because they have the same name as the file they are looking for and beleives the file is "corrupt."

Connection issue? Does not happen with files stored locally or on LAN.

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Retired Employee Nars_Support
Retired Employee

Re: Weird persistent pointer files

Hi @George Tobin -- it's possible that you may be referring to the new temp file behavior start with Office 2016 and newer. Below are a couple MSKB articles explaining why these files exist:

If possible, please provide a screenshot or file extension of the files in question, so we'll be able to provide better assistance.

Thank you,

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