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c:\users\[myname]\AppData\Local\EgnyteOfficeAddin files


c:\users\[myname]\AppData\Local\EgnyteOfficeAddin files

I use Egnyte desktop sync to sync up selected folders that are stored in a partition dedicated to documents storage (F drive).  I also have Egnyte addJust noticed that some of the files, about 10 or so (Word docs and PDFs), have been separately stored in a folder in my C drive - C:\users\[myname]\AppData\Local\EgnyteOfficeAddin.  It seems that these files are duplicates of those already saved in the F:\Egnyte folders.  When I saved files I have always saved them in the Egnyte folders in the F drive. 

Would appreciate some insight as to why some files got saved in this Egnyte office addin folder in C drive.

How can I prevent it from happening again?

Can I delete these files (not deleting the folder) safely without affecting anything else?


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Retired Employee


Hi @175240 

c:\users\[myname]\AppData\Local\EgnyteOfficeAddin files refers to our Egnyte Add-in for Microsoft Office.

[%localappdata%\EgnyteDesktopSync] is the local application data folder for Desktop Sync. We DO NOT recommend deleting any files contained within this folder. Desktop Sync, much like any other software application, depends on the local AppData files to operate normally.

Think of [%localappdata%\EgnyteDesktopSync] as a workspace or staging area for Desktop Sync. It is normal to see cache file copies of recently added, opened or modified data stored within [C:\Egnyte] inside the EgnyteDesktopSync AppData folder.


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