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A super user and normal Admin User

A super user and normal Admin User


I would like to add a second and third Admin to the account and I know it can be done and it’s great… but I have 1 problem could you limit access to second and third admin’s as they can see everything, like account information on monthy bills, and other peoples file’s that don't belong to a certern part of the company.

what I would like is that we can, have a tick box or a set of directives that the admin can see, call it a choice, and be able to remove 2nd and 3rd admins from peticular folders as at the moment you can’t do this, call it an in-between power user and full admin or better still main admin to becaome a super user.

The reason I ask this is because I have 2 IT guys that need admin rights but not admin to the hole thing, they just need to be able to add user permissions and the like when I’m not around


Hi Robert,

I logged your experience yesterday with out product team, and they're looking into it.  The recording clearly displayed what you were saying, thank you for sending it!


This is a much needed feature, we need to be able to make someone on site at our client an admin to do specific folder and file adds/deletes. But this person CAN NOT have access to the plan details, server config, or other users PRIVATE files.

This becomes a major access problem when dealing with SOX guidelines, (and HR issues) etc.

We would also like for the "SUPER ADMIN" to not be counted as a user (takes up a license). This makes sense for us as we are a Managed Services Provider.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Neil,

Thank you for taking the time to make a product request. We've received many requests for different user-types with varying access levels. We eventually plan to deploy a role-based administration feature that would allow you to customize permissions based on your requirements. I think this would address your needs. 

We appreciate your business and patience,



Hi Chris

In Juli 24. last year you wrote to Carl:

Hi Carl, Thanks for highlighting your request.  We've had a number of discussions internally regarding the creation of different admin levels.** It is currently on our product roadmap to be implemented this year.**

Thank you for highlighting it as well as everyone else.  This helped us to discuss and prioritize the feature.

But why you have not implemented this future yet?

We need the "Super Administrator" to.

We have to have the possibility to have a second Administror, but we will not give him the possibility to see all files of the other Employees.

Bruno, Switzerland



Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Bruno,

I can confirm that this feature is still on the product roadmap; we definitely understand how it would be useful. In the meantime, you can follow our most recent product releases here. Thank you for your patience, and for choosing Egnyte.

  • Trey

Hi Trey,

I don't think you're pointing to the right page. I would like to know when we can expect these features too. This request is open since October 2011 and was promised for last year.


Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the correction; I've corrected the link in the original post to point to the page where we announce our most recent product feature releases.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide a timeline when the role-based administration feature will be available. 

  • Trey


I also like the idea of a SUPER ADMIN, since I feel, at egnyte an admin is not much more powerful in the folder structuring than a normal power user with delete permissions.

Such a SUPER ADMIN should be also able to duplicate folders with preserved permissions at the destination folder. Currently any granular permission of a folder structure will be lost when copying the folder to another folder.

Having a SUPER ADMIN, duplicating folders with preserved permissions would be an essential feature for a SUPER ADMIN to my opinion.

What do you think about it, Tim?

TIM, any comment on the above proposal?


Can we get an update on this multi-level admin functionality please? I have multiple clients wanting an answer to this, and they say if its not something that can be done soon, they will need us to move them to a different solution... Its been on the "roadmap" with you guys for a REALLY long time.