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A super user and normal Admin User

A super user and normal Admin User


I would like to add a second and third Admin to the account and I know it can be done and it’s great… but I have 1 problem could you limit access to second and third admin’s as they can see everything, like account information on monthy bills, and other peoples file’s that don't belong to a certern part of the company.

what I would like is that we can, have a tick box or a set of directives that the admin can see, call it a choice, and be able to remove 2nd and 3rd admins from peticular folders as at the moment you can’t do this, call it an in-between power user and full admin or better still main admin to becaome a super user.

The reason I ask this is because I have 2 IT guys that need admin rights but not admin to the hole thing, they just need to be able to add user permissions and the like when I’m not around

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Our role-based management now allows you to create these users who have capabilities between those of a normal Power User and an Admin