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Ability to open Office directly in O365 with single link click

Ability to open Office directly in O365 with single link click

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(Just found "Ideas" area, apologies for double post)

We use online Office apps a lot for collaboration, and share links via email. When I share an Office file stored in Sharepoint, all I do is insert the link, and no instructions are required. The link opens the doc right in O365 for viewing/editing. Right now, when I share a link to an Office file stored in Egnyte, I have to send instructions with the link, for example:

"Click this link: xyz. A preview window will appear.
Click 'Go to folder' button on the right side of window. The folder containing the file will open in Egnyte.
Right-click the filename and select Open In... > Edit in Excel Online"

This has resulted in us just not using Egnyte for collaboration with Office files and going back to Sharepoint, as the overhead for explanation and use is too high.

A per-file option to open directly in O365 online would work, or perhaps better would be an option when creating links to Office docs "O365 only" that creates a special type of link that opens directly in O365 without all the fuss.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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@Nick McLeod - are you familiar with direct links to files? These bring you straight to the preview of the file within the authenticated interface where there is the button to open in Office Online, WebEdit, etc.  This can cut down on a lot of these steps and can do it without having to create publically accessible links to files.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi @Nick McLeod - just checking in to see if GregNeustaetter's response solved your request. If so, we will mark it as delivered, but if not, please test it out and let us know if there's some further clarification to what you're looking for.