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Ability to share a preview-only link with comments & markup

Ability to share a preview-only link with comments & markup

I'd like the ability to share work in progress with clients and internal reviewers, we currently do this with egnyte but I've run into issues of external users downloading non-final assets before they're approved and ready to go out into the world. Even better would be the ability for reviewers to mark up video and images with comments. This way reviewers can select a certain area of an image or a specific frame of a video with a circle or square box to highlight a particular area for revision or adjustment. Features like this exist in offerings from Wipster,, and screenlight. However, I'd like to keep the number of platforms that we use to a minimum.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @Kev.  It is unlikely that we'll do this soon, but are definitely interested in richer annotation capabilities.  One challenge we see is how those would behave when there are multiple versions of a document and the old comments aren't relevant anymore.  

@GregNeustaetter I was referring specifically to video, image, and pdf files in which new versions for each iteration would be uploaded every time there is a new version. I'd imagine that the comments live as some kind of sidecar file that is appended to each version.