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Add Search Function to Sharing Link

Add Search Function to Sharing Link

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Hi Egnyte!

Would you add the search function to your share link folders? You can view an example here:

At the example above, you'll only see two folders. However, in our business, we could have hundreds of folders within that share link. And so, it is inconvenient for our clients to manually look through a list of hundreds of folders.

Thanks for your consideration!

PS - I couldn't find another ticket like this, forgive if I missed it.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @JoeyPontarelli.  We can consider this in the future, though we don't have any short/mid-term plans for adding search to our folder links.  I look forward to other feedback from the community to see if there is a lot of interest from other customers.