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Add option to disable pagination in web view

Add option to disable pagination in web view

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In multiple areas such as the view of files and folders, search, and even users, pagination is automatically applied with no option to adjust or disable. We have lots of subfolders for many of our company projects and end up using the sidebar for navigation pretty often because the main display of folder content is paginated. I find this issue most frustrating with search and viewing users. In both cases I'm often going to later pages. The user should be able to control pagination - the number of entries displayed or to disable it altogehter.


Hello @Matthew Lambert1,

Currently, there is a way to configure the number of files, folders, and bookmarks that appear on a page in the Web UI. To change this, go to My Profile and select the My Preferences tab to change the Items displayed per page option. 

Unfortunately, this setting does not change the number of search results or users that appear.

Status changed to: Considering

As Kathleen mentioned, we have the ability to change the number of folders being displayed on one page, from 16 to 1000. 

We are considering the ability to display all the items on one page (infinite scrolling), although we cannot provide any timeline yet. 

For users and groups, have you found search useful to limit the number of users and groups?