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Add "Delete" button to Egnyte Right Click Context Menu

Add "Delete" button to Egnyte Right Click Context Menu

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Deleting many files at once via the Egnyte Desktop Connect takes forever.  To be specific, this action is accomplished at rate of 2 items per second for data that is not set to offline.  For data that is synced for offline access this occurs a whopping 5 items per second.  (picture attached, it's only letting me upload one attachment and uploading photos inline is broken).  

It would be nice if this would work natively via Windows explorerer but as it has been explained to me that the permissions on every single file have to be verified before it can be deleted and these calls to the cloud slow down the process significantly.  I also realize a workaround is to do this via the WebUI, but it would be nice if that process was guided and easy for the user to figure out.

My suggestion is to add a "Delete" button to Right Click Context Menu that would peform this action in the cloud and would show for both files and photos for consistency.  Ideally, the user would not have to travel to the website and login and this would be done with a custom windows window.  However, that may be too challenging and you have to start somewhere.  

Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @ITPro,

Thanks for the idea! While this is a great suggestion, our current data shows that delete a folder is among the bottom 3 actions that Egnyte users do. It accounts for far less than 0.5% total actions. We will keep this in mind when it comes to improving the Desktop App's performance but there is no immediate plan to add "delete folder" to the right click menu for now.



Status changed to: Declined