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Adding Metadata to Files

Adding Metadata to Files

I'm trying to find info that clarifies how to set metadata for a file...not just metadata, but also to configure the fields for a file to capture that metadata.

I found this link which talks about the API...

But it seems to suggest the APIs are used if you want to write applications that interact with Egnyte. Is there built in functionality for Web UI though that allows an admin to configure the metadata namespaces and keys? Is the only way to configure the metadata fields through the API calls? That doesn't seem right but I can't find any documentation or obvious settings in the admin panel.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Thanks. Vitaly O has picked this up with me. Hoping to delve into it next week.  -j-



Any ideas on an eta for Web UI metadata solution? Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We are hoping to have metadata setup in the Web UI before the end of 2019

My company is interested in this as well. Want to be informed when this is available. 

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

@Andrea Forbes, thanks for letting us know. Since you responded in this post, as long as you have your community notifications turned on, you will get a community message when the status of this feature gets changed to Delivered.


I just started to use the system, and I am digging throw it.

I have experience with different management document systems, and I find that the metada is a big abscence.  It will allow us to search for the accurate information.

I hope it comes soon!


@Maria Oliveira  - the Web UI metadata customization functionality is now available.


Hello @jr3 

Thank you for your response, but unfortunatelly it is was not helpful as the "product info" is not available for me even I being the administrator.

The API documentation is not clear as I am not a IT person. I believe it should be included to the system without to require any setting up from the users or in the last instance, Egnyte should provide a guide how to do step by step.



Hi @Maria Oliveira 

Sorry, I'm not able to delve into this with you right now.

By chance, have you seen the 2019 Fall State of Egnyte address webinar video? If not, start at about 2:35.

If you are the Admin you can configure the metadata element through Settings-Metadata, adding a new Section:

Metadata config.jpg

Refer to the metadata API for details. If you need help, tech support has been valuable for me.  Vitaly Obernikhin took point with our situation.  Very helpful fellow.


Thanks, @jr3 :-)


@Maria Oliveira  - let me know your domain, we will enable Metadata UI beta for you