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Admin option for link sharing default control

Admin option for link sharing default control

the link sharing defaults to public and not requiring a password. I would like an admin option to change the default to require a password so folks do not have to remember and do not accidentally share a file unintentionally. The idea is that if we share a file with a particular customer they need to log in to see it, if it is not locked down then someone else can get the url and see it without logging in.

Retired Employee Emily Ganz1
Retired Employee

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the suggestion. In order to prevent people from sharing a file unintentionally, you can turn off the ability to distribute links. Then, set your customers up as standard users and give them access to the necessary folders. Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great day!


Richard Roy

we do not want to turn off the send a link feature we just want to be sure when they do send a link they are password protected by default, or always. taking the feature away from my users won't work, they will share files too often, I just need to be sure that the links are protected in case the customer somehow sends that link to someone else. the default behavior is insecure.

Gareth Jones

I'd agree with that - in general I think there should be more granular controls for external sharing. 

Since the last comment on this was in 2010 I assume this isn't something that Egnyte is considering?  My company is facing the same dilemma right now in 2012.

We are definitely aware of the need for more granular control of sharing and are considering adding it as part of a larger update to our configuration settings.


Sean Puttergill

Product Manager

Bryce DeGroot

Same here. We want to have more control on external file sharing.

Tom Mundy1

Have you got any update on this?  We would really like to disable public links.

Thanks in advance,


Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hi Tom,

Our next release will allow you to password-protect links; that should help to make public sharing more secure for you. 

We don't have any immediate plans to completely disable public links, but we may revisit this in a future release.

Thanks for your business and for taking the time to contact us,



Is there an ETA for when the next release will occur?



Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee


Our next release is scheduled for this week.