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Allow Customization of Upload Link text

Allow Customization of Upload Link text

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We'd like customize the text of the upload link page.


I created one (shared) folder for all of my clients (instead of one separate folder for each client) so that they can use Egnyte to securely download the information they need to provide me with; I then created an upload link to that folder with no expiration date.  However, the link given was not "friendly" for clients to remember and I would have liked the option to rename the link when it was created (or afterward via the link summary report).

Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Hi Christophe,

Thanks for your feedback. I can definitely see how this would make the upload links more usable. This isn't currently planned, but I'll share your suggestion with our team.

Thanks again for the feedback and your support of Egnyte.

  • Shyam
Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs Info

@Egnyte-BC, can you give any more information on what you would like to change?  Is it something that would be different for each link shared or a generic set of content you'd want to have shown?

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee

Hi @Egnyte-BC, just checking in on Greg's question to see if you could clarify what you're looking for a bit further so we can properly assess your idea. Thanks!


Hi all,

This question was asked about a year ago, but it does not look like OP responded and the resolution was unclear, so I am asking again:

Is it possible to customize the upload link invitation text? Currently, it says "NAME has invited you to send files"

We were wondering if it would be possible to change that generic wording to "NAME has invited you to send files to COMPANY NAME" ? 


Thank you for your help and insight! 


Hi there - is this yet an option? For our purposes it doesn't have to be fancy, we just would rather not have our company server name ( as part of the link. 

Any solution ideas to this would be much appreciated!